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FROM: David Riklan and Mark Porteous, CoFounders of the Joint Venture Directory

Dear Entrepreneur and Business Owner,

One of the challenges of running a small business is getting access to solid, proven advice and coaching with full accountability and action taking—all from someone who has been where you are.

Over the course of the last 15 years, we have:

  • Generated over $20 Million of revenue through our online businesses

  • Created multiple courses with thousands of students

  • Built email lists of hundreds of thousands of subscribers

  • Published 10 books

  • Created a large social media following

  • Built from scratch, turning it into one of the top Self Improvement websites on the Internet.

We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years who are happy to invest at least $250 an hour for our coaching.

But for a very limited time, you have the opportunity to have unlimited access to our strategies and advice for a tiny fraction of what our regular clients pay.

As part of a Special Launch Promotion, we are providing unlimited, weekly Group Business Coaching with us for One Full Year for only $997 for the year (or you can pay monthly for $97 a month) .

(or you can pay monthly for $97 a month by going here)

You get real world, real time guidance with any of the areas below:

  • Joint Ventures and Affiliate Marketing
  • Increasing your Social Media Effectiveness (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter Strategies)
  • Growing your Email List and improving your email effectiveness
  • Analysis and implementation of Business Objectives
  • Print and Ebook Creation and Marketing
  • Webinar and Teleseminar Marketing
  • Online Course Creation
  • Niche Analysis
  • Creation and improvement of a Sales Funnel and Sale Scripts
  • Lead Generation for Coaching
  • Create Subscriber Magnets, Nurturing Email Sequence and Offers
  • Recommendations of companies to hire
  • SEO and Blogging
  • Content creation including video, audio and text

Think about where you need coaching the most.

Consider how long you have been spinning your wheels, trying this or that technique or strategy only to be frustrated at the lack of results.

Now imagine being supported and guided by someone who has walked in your shoes, seen what works and what doesn’t, and can give you the in-the-trenches wisdom and solid accountability that can make a real difference in your business goals.

Not next month or next year, but RIGHT NOW.

(or you can pay monthly for $97 a month by going here)


Every Tuesday at 5:00 PM Eastern, Mark and David will be hosting a 90 minute Zoom Session that includes Coaching, Marketing Training and Advanced Networking. You can get assistance and support for your business every single week with us (David Riklan and Mark Porteous) for a FULL YEAR at one insanely low payment. If you don't have your questions answered during our weekly call, you'll be able to post all of your questions in our Private Facebook Group.

  1. Sign up for UNLIMITED Group Coaching...Remember, only a limited number of spots are available!

  2. You will get a welcome email with details about accessing our weekly calls.  Each week, Mark and David or one of their expert guests will be covering a different topic to grow your business.  

  3. On each call, David Riklan,  Mark Porteous or one of their Marketing Experts will start by providing you with 30 Minutes of practical ideas for marketing and growing your business.  After our initial training session, each person in our group will then have an opportunity to get coached directly . That can include answering simple or more complicated questions,  reviewing your overall strategy, target market, sales copy, sales funnel or just about anything. The calls are every week and you can come as often as you need.

  4. The last section of our call includes what we describe as Advanced Networking. You will have an opportunity to connect with other members of the group and Mark or David will also make specific recommendations on people that you should connect with.

  5. Full Access to our Private Facebook Group. In order to ensure that you get your questions answered during the week, we will give you access to our Private Coaching Facebook Group. You'll be able to post unlimited questions about your business and marketing. Mark Porteous, David Riklan or one of their marketing experts will be reviewing and answering your questions Monday through Friday to keep your momentum going.

That’s it. It’s simple, super easy and only $997 for a FULL YEAR of coaching with us (David Riklan and Mark Porteous). If you are not ready to commit to a full year, you can join us for only $97 a month and can cancel at anytime. 

BONUS Full Marketing Assessment. Your annual membership will include access to our Advanced Marketing Assessment. We have created a very detailed Assessment that will help you identify the strength,  weaknesses and low hanging fruit of your marketing Plan. Your annual membership into the program includes Access to our Assessment tool and a Private One on One Consultation with either David Riklan or Mark Porteous about your business. Our goal is to help you indentify actionable items you can implement quickly to grow your business.

(or you can pay monthly for $97 a month by going here)


Here are Just a Few of Our Clients' Inspiring Stories:

  • After only a few short months working with David Riklan and, I have identified close to $4,000 in new monthly revenue. The assistance, knowledge and ideas have been invaluable and enabled me to refocus my business. I have also found Joint Venture partners through my participation in the program that will enable me to continue to grow my business. -Eileen Boyle, Life Coach, Business Coach & Consultant

  • I have worked with David Riklan for many years and have always been pleased with the results. If you want to spread your message wide and far, my recommendation is to work with David. -John La Valle, President of the Society of NLP

  • I am one of the first Student's for David Riklan's Social Media University which helped me in countless ways including some fantastic mastermind connections. -Vanessa Simpkins - America's Sales Attraction Coach

  • "David's E-Book Success Mentoring Course is one of the best I've ever taken and I'm a learning junkie who works with CEOs every month. I used to hire 350 speakers a year who we flew in from all over the country. So I think I've heard them all. But David did a very professional job, incredibly knowledgeable, open, flexible and a great teacher. He's 10 plus on my scale." - John F. Beehner,

  • ""I found that the time it took to find the right JV partners was excruciating and without a relationship or an intro we just didn’t get great results. I found Mark Porteous and he has been AMAZING! He came up with a list of potential JV partners and then wrote an introduction and sent it out. The best part is that he has great relationships that he leveraged on my behalf making it really easy. My first call was with a JV with a list of 60,000 people and is promoting me on 10/20. How stellar is that?! I have cut my time down and Mark will even get on calls to help close the JV partner. I think my choice to use Mark will be business changing and it is one of the best decisions I have made in this entire process." - Rebecca Walker Co-founder of Cambiati Wellness Center

  • ""During my past two years of rapid personal, spiritual and business growth, Mark has been among the top few individuals who have had the greatest positive impact on my life and career. AND, I owe 2 of my other top 5 most important personal and professional relationships directly to Mark, as well as several other productive JVs and mutually supportive friendships. Wow. Total game-changer!" - Edward Mannix

That’s it. It’s simple, super easy and only $997 for a FULL YEAR of coaching with us.

(or you can pay monthly for $97 a month by going here)

We Wish You Every Success with Your Business!
David Riklan and Mark Porteous

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